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Ban Roulette Rules

2017-02-13 02:52:37 by CoolBerries

You may skip to numbers and underlines if you just want to know rules alone.

Many people who are new to chat, or are familiar with chat but unfamiliar with the game do not understand the rules of Ban Roulette, a game we play on there. Here's a complete list of the typical rules, with exceptions included.

Ban Roulette is a Russian-Roulette-Based chat game established by Brent/Bren/FukU where we use a die's chances to simulate a revolver's gun firing chances in Russian Roulette.

ROLL: First off, in order to roll, you type the command "/roll" followed by the number of dice, the letter "d" and the number of sides. For example, if I wanted to roll two six-sided dice, I would type "/roll 2d6"

Once you know that, congratulations, all the rest of the rules are easy, basic gaming algorithms.

1. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Ban Roulette relies heavily on the number of players (You may play with 2-however-many), order of players, and their rolls. No matter how many people play, everybody starts by rolling one twenty-sided die (1d20) to find out the order of the players, the higher the number, the higher the placement. For example, someone who rolls a 20 off of a d20 roll will automatically be first in the order of the game unless another player ALSO rolls a 20, then you can organize each other based on whatever you choose (I base it off alphabetical order on the first letter of the username, but I have a name that begins with "C", so I have a bias. God this is a tangeant.) Once the order is sorted by the players, an easy way to memorize the amount of sides the beginning player's die has is the total number of players +1. For example, if there are five (5) individuals playing, the beginning player's roll would be a six-sided die (1d6)

2. GAME RHYTHM/ORDER: Since all players establish the player order with the 1d20 roll, then begin with the number trick to determine beginning roll die's side number, it becomes pretty easy how to play. [EVERY ONE (1) ROLLED IS A DEATH/ELIMINATION/BAN/OUT, AND ONCE THERE IS A ONE (1) ROLLED, A NEW ROUND IS STARTED WITHOUT THE PERSON WHO ROLLED SAID ONE (1) AND THE BEGINNING ROLL's DIE-SIDE DECREASES BY ONE] Once the beginning roll is rolled, the next person in the order list does the same roll minus one (1) side of the die, then the next person does the same roll minus another one (1) side of the die, and so on until the last player rolls, or someone gets eliminated by rolling a one (1). For example, if five (5) people are playing, the first player will roll 1d6, the second player will roll 1d5, then the third will roll 1d4 all the way up until the fifth player or until someone is eliminated. The fifth player, or the last player in any amount of players in a round, will roll 1d2. This is where rules can be meddled up often by people confused on what happens next. In standard Roulette play, it's recognized that a survivor of the last person to go would be the last survivor. It would go back to the first person (Think of the players being in a circle) and if you've done your math, according to the rules, if every single player, including the last one, does not roll a one (1) and every player including the last survives, the gun/roll/die would go BACK to the first player, and the roll would be a 1d1, which means it's a guarenteed death/elimination/ban/out, and even though you may like to play with this rule (Let's call it "Forced Fire" for now), a typical game would acknowledge the fact that it'd be an instant death for the first player, and instead "spin the chamber" where the round grants no deaths, and it goes back to the first player with the original die-side-number, and the next round would go exactly as last one until someone rolls a one (1).

3. EXCEPTIONS: a) If Mykei plays, he is banned anyway, so don't worry about him winning. b) If a player screws up, and say, substracts two (2) sides off the die instead of one (1), then they will need to re-roll with the correct number, even if the next person plays off of it. c) If you're playing with "Forced Fire" rules, the beginning (first) player should be told. d) If there is eventually a "1d1" roll, and it did not go back to the beginning player, that means somebody screwed up the die-side-subtraction, and you must retrace steps back to whoever messed up and have them reroll starting with them with the order. e) IF THERE ARE SCREW UPS, THE ROUND WILL NOT BE PLAYED ALL OVER AGAIN, IT WILL ONLY REVERT TO WHOEVER GOOFED HIS/HER ROLL. IT WOULD BE UNFAIR FOR THOSE WHO SURVIVED IN THE PREVIOUS ROLLS OTHERWISE.

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