Entry #3


2018-01-20 23:03:23 by CoolBerries

I can't believe I was scouted. I started rolling around on Newgrounds when I was about 12 in 2011 to play flash games on my computer from the late 90's and ended up diving into a submersive community drenched with talent and overwhelming personality. I'd hear all the amateur works of artists, some of which continued to succeed in the mainstream, and I marveled upon such amateur talent that was mind-blowing being posted here. It was like being scouted as a content creator was a badge of honor, because almost everyone with work in the portal not only did good work, but excelled at it. For six years I used occassional shit-content just as a dumping grounds for things I had fun doing, and low and behold, with the help of @DarkRoxy, that badge that I never even dreamed of getting was given to me. Thank you, Mist. I look forward to working with more artists on Newgrounds, not only because it's fun and exciting, but because I'm now part of the in-crowd that is this community's content creators. Love you all.


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